Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can be a great addition to your space as it allows you to save dramatically on your energy bills versus running your air conditioning system. They can create cool breezes as well as circulate heated air to keep the room warm; however, they can be very difficult to install. The professionals at Don Hegge Electric can help you install the ceiling fan of your choice and make sure everything is working properly!

Why you need a professional:

  • Safety first! Ceiling fans can be very heavy and difficult to install. To avoid any issues it is important to call a professional to help with this process with your safety as our priority.
  • Ceiling fans require a lot of attention versus a new light fixture as some existing electrical boxes aren’t strong enough to hold a new ceiling fan. It is important to make sure that you have the correct electrical box for your new fixture.

Existing or New Fixtures

Whether you have a new ceiling fan to replace an old fixture or a brand new space, we can install it for you! If you have an existing fixture it is important that all of the wiring is correct and ready for your new fixture. Some access to these essential components are hard to access and should be sought out by a professional. Like mentioned before, certain fixtures require certain electrical boxes for the correct weight.

If you’re looking to install a fan in a room with no existing fixture, it is vital that you call a professional from Don Hegge Electric as many steps go into new electrical wiring, new electrical boxes as well as hooking it up correctly to your existing electrical systems.

The experts at Don Hegge Electric will help with all of your ceiling fan needs. Remember that it is a difficult job and requires a lot of attention, so keep your safety and others in mind and call a professional. Take your rooms to the next level with looks and comfortability by installing a new ceiling fan correctly with the help of Don Hegge Electric!