Outdoor Lighting

Elegant stone walkway bordered by stone benches leading to a double glass paned front door with two Lighting is a very significant aspect for a commercial property. With proper lighting, it will assist your customers or employees to easily find you at night. Do you have a business sign that sits in the dark all night long? Lighting can attract people to your building, or draw attention to it, which could be good for business. Does your site have statutes or architecturally stimulating focal points? These landscape features give your commercial property personality. Don’t let them fall into the background at night.

Home improvement series, Attractive entrance with cozy fireplace and armchairs Outdoor lighting serves many purposes. Most importantly, with sufficient lighting, it will keep those who are accessing your property safe at night, whether you own a hotel, restaurant, small business, etc. Outdoor lighting serves as an extra security measure. In most settings, crime is less frequent when areas are well lit. After illuminating an outdoor area, it is easier to identify others and people are guaranteed to feel out of harm’s way. Once you have decided to illuminate your backyard, driveway or parking lot, Don Hegge Electric can assist you in choosing the appropriate color of light to be used.

How We Can Help:

Beautiful exterior of modern new home at sunsetOur electricians will also help you choose the most energy efficient light bulbs for your project. Controlling when lights are used and when they are not is another energy saving measure that can help you save some extra money. How you decide to manage these controls is up to you. We are capable of installing lights activated by timers or lights that activate by simply turning an on/off switch. Our experts have experience programming computer devices that activate lights automatically and installing motion sensor devices that control illumination.

Avoid an unnecessary accident due to dim lighting with the installation of safe, bright lights. Don Hegge Electric will help you with whichever lights your building or home needs. Call today for a consultation!