Recessed Lighting

Kitchen in luxury home with cherry wood cabinetry Recessed lighting is a highly practical, modern lighting solution that provides light while taking up minimal ceiling space. Recessed lights serve as accent lighting to mounted paintings and provide concentrated aerial light for everyday tasks and hobbies such as reading, knitting or cooking. Do you have a swimming pool or a hot tub that needs some extra light? Recessed lights have useful applications like an airtight lens for use in areas with high moisture content.

Modern master bedroom interior with picture of shipwreck on the wall (photo coming from my gallery) When installing recessed lighting, one must be trained and privy to the specific regulations. Our experts at Don Hegge Electric have experience working with all different types of recessed lighting fixtures and understand where they can and cannot be installed. As a homeowner or business owner, you are ensured the best possible service and results when using Don Hegge Electric.

Play room in a white basement living roomThere are two types of recessed lights:

  • Insulation contact
  • Non-insulation contact

Insulation Contact

Insulation contact rated recessed lights are designed for direct contact with insulation. IC rated lights require a lower lamp wattage because of their placement directly within insulation. The insulation serves as a mechanism for preventing the heat from the light from escaping into the surrounding attic space. Our experts at Don Hegge Electric know the correct wattage granted for this type of lighting installation. If a non expert where to install a bulb with a higher wattage, a thermal protector would automatically cease power to the fixture until the issue was resolved.

Non-Insulation Contact

Non-insulation contact rated lights are most commonly used in commercial buildings. In these applications, a higher wattage bulb is used because there is no direct contact with insulation and thus there is no problem when heat from the lamp escapes into the surrounding attic space.

Save yourself the trouble and call Don Hegge Electric and all of your recessed lighting installation needs will properly and safely be taken care of by one of our experienced professionals.