Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrician at work It is important to upgrade older electrical panels because they are known to burn out. Home renovations often require additional circuits and older electrical panels have limited space available to add circuits. Because our consumption of electricity has continually grown over the past several years with all the new technology, our electrical systems are working harder than ever. Many old systems cannot handle the necessary power our homes need, so an upgrade will be required.

When Should I Have My Panel Inspected?

Electrical panel Electrical panel upgrade becomes necessary for a variety of different reasons. Give us a call at Don Hegge Electric if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Panel makes sporadic crackling noises
  • Fuses blow out frequently
  • Flickering or buzzing lights

Electrician repairing circuit breakers in industrial electric panel.It is extremely important to have a professional examine, repair, or upgrade your electrical panels. Many people have been seriously injured and even killed by dealing with faulty panels. If your system is older and needs an upgrade or if it is having problems, be sure to hire an experienced electrician. A trained inspector will know how to handle it properly to avoid injury and ensure safety. At Don Hegge Electric, our professional electricians know where to look and what to look for. The following issues with your electrical panel are serious and could require electrical repair or a new updated system:

  • Moisture that causes the circuit breaker to corrode
  • Rodents chew through and damage wires
  • Oxidation to any parts
  • Circuit breakers improperly sized
  • Faulty or missing bondage

Avoid a hazardous situation and call Don Hegge Electric for a consultation. You can trust our electrical contractors with your electrical panel upgrade. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. Our goal is to ensure that your system is working properly, efficiently and safely.