Whether you are planning a remodel, building a new addition, or completely renovating your home or office, our electricians have the experience needed to efficiently and safely rewire your entire electrical wiring system. Our trained and certified electricians are ready to help with any and all of your electrical wiring needs. If you live in an old home and think your system may need to be rewired, give us a call at Don Hegge Electric and we will come inspect your property and discuss the electrical services we provide.

How Will Rewiring Benefit Me?

Old and outdated electrical wiring systems are hazardous. Every old home will eventually need to upgrade to a modern electrical wiring system that ensures safety and reliability. There are many reasons you should consider rewiring. Rewiring can fix a number of electrical problems. Be sure to consult an electrician if you run into any of the following issues:

  • Power outage in one room or part of your home or building
  • Outlets that appear to be disintegrating or burning
  • Humming, buzzing or other strange sounds coming from outlets or switches
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that work only sometimes

These issues indicate something is wrong with your electrical wiring system. Whether the issue at hand permits an entire rewire or a partial rewire, it is important to consult with a professional electrician. Give us a call at Don Hegge Electric and one of our trained electricians will visit your home and evaluate the condition of your system.