Electrical Outlet Repair

Sometimes we may not realize all of the outlets we are using in our home or business and how we can overuse them. It is very important to regularly inspect your electrical outlets. Worn-out outlets pose a serious threat. If you have an outlet that isn’t working correctly or appears to be damaged, our team at Don Hegge Electric can fix the outlet to work correctly and make sure everything is safe for everyday use. Keep in mind some potential problems that need to be addressed, as they can be unsafe for those around:

  • Loose plugs and outlets
  • Sparks when a plug is inserted or removed
  • Bent or broken outlets
  • Warm outlet
  • Light or appliance doesn’t work
  • Electrical wiring is exposed

Safety First!

Damaged electrical outlets need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Whenever our customers have electrical issues, we encourage them reach out immediately and have the problem addressed. Faulty electrical outlets are hazardous for multiple reasons. Damaged outlets are notorious for starting fires and causing other detrimental accidents. In order to ensure safety, we recommend you have your electrical systems regularly serviced by our experienced electricians. Our licensed electricians know how to safely perform your electrical repair.

Reduce the likelihood of a fire or accident and rely on your local electricians at Don Hegge Electric for cost-effective electrical repair. Whether you need help with outdoor outlets, wall outlets, floor outlets or any electrical service at all, our professionals will solve your problems and keep your maintenance costs to a minimum.