Light Switch Repair

bookcase Light switches are something we use mindlessly everyday and if they go out, it causes many problems whether it is one room, your whole house or possibly your entire building. If your light switch isn’t working throughout your property or just one room, there is a solution to fix the problem and Don Hegge Electric is here to find it!

Repair or Replacement?

Man's hand with finger on light switch, about to turn off the lights. Closeup of hand and switch onl When you run into the unfortunate event of a faulty light switch, it is important to take every safety precaution necessary. Dealing with electricity can cause other issues to spark, literally. We want to be sure your home or business is dealt with correctly. In some cases your light switch may need to just be repaired, when other times it can involve a full replacement. Our team of professionals will be sure to evaluate the situation at hand and give you the best solution.

My Light Switch Isn’t Connected Correctly!

Office interior - reception deskWhen you move into a new space, we’ve all switched the lights on and see no result. Searching for every plug in, there seems to be nothing hooked up to that direct light switch. Instead of having a useless switch in your home, let us figure out the problem and fix it for you. Correcting these issues will allow for more convenience and of course safety.

Get in touch today with one of our specialists at Don Hegge Electric. We will be sure to help you out with all of your electricity needs. We’ll brighten your day!